• 1: Why video quality is low for my smartphone?
  • Ans: If your phone supports HD content then you should select 720p HD as your download target. However all videos are not available in HD so you may select 360p MP4 instead.
  • 2: I am using old feature phone. Which video format i should choose?
  • Ans: For feature phone select 3GP as your download target.
  • 3: How do i search movies or full length content?
  • Ans: use keyword like "full movies" after your original search keyword. For example "Spider Man full movie".
  • 4: Why i can't find any download / watch option for few certain videos?
  • Ans: Uploader is having specific privacy for their videos and didn't made them public or they may require you to login for access which we don't offer from our end.

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